Published Articles

On this page I shall list the articles or chapters that I have published which relate (however vaguely) to the topic of Gregory of Tours: it will be obvious those of which can be downloaded from here as PDFs.

‘The Merovingians from the French Revolution to the Third Republic’, Early Medieval Europe 20.4 (2012), 450-471.

‘Gregory of Tours and “Arianism”’, in Andrew Cain and Noel Lenski, eds., The Power of Religion in Late Antiquity (Farnham: Ashgate, 2009), 327-338.

‘Gregory of Tours, the Visigoths and Spain,’ in Simon Barton and Peter Linehan, eds., Cross, Crescent and Conversion: Studies on Medieval Spain and Christendom in Memory of Richard Fletcher (Brill, Leiden, 2008), 43-64.

‘The Rise and Function of the Concept “Late Antiquity”’, Journal of Late Antiquity 1 (2008), 20-30.

‘Childhood and Youth in the Early Middle Ages’, in P.J.P. Goldberg and F. Riddy., eds, Youth in the Middle Ages (Woodbridge: York Medieval Press/Boydell and Brewer, 2002), 11-24.

‘Gregory of Tours and the Franks’, in Alexander S. Murray, ed., After Rome’s Fall: Essays Presented to Walter Goffart (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999), 51-66

‘The militarisation of Roman society, 400-700’, in A.N. Jørgensen and B.L. Clausen, (eds), Military Aspects of Scandinavian Society in a European Perspective, AD 1-1300. (Copenhagen: Danish National Museum, 1997), 19-24.

‘A Sense of Wonder: Gregory of Tours, Medicine and Science’, in M.E. Meyer, ed., The Culture of Christendom (London: Hambledon Press, 1993), 45-60. [James_A_Sense_of_Wonder]

‘The Historical and Archaeological Context of the South-West Gallic Sarcophagi’, Antiquité Tardive: Revue Internationale d’Histoire et d’Archéologie (IVe-VIIIe Siècles 1 (1993), 23-28.

‘Royal Burials among the Franks’, in M.O.H. Carver, ed. The Age of Sutton Hoo: The Seventh Century in North-Western Europe (Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge, 1992), 243-254.

‘Les problèmes archéologiques du Sud-Ouest wisigothique et franque’, in P. Périn, ed., Gallo-Romains, Wisigoths et Francs en Aquitaine, Septimanie et Espagne: Actes des VIIe Journées internationales d’Archéologie mérovingienne, Toulouse 1985 (Rouen, 1991), 149-153.

‘Burial and Status in the Early Medieval West’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 39 (1989), 23-40.

‘The origins of barbarian kingdoms: the continental evidence’, in S. Bassett, ed., The Origins of Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (University of Leicester Press, 1989), 40-52.

‘Childéric, Syagrius, et la Disparition du Royaume de Soissons’, Revue Archéologique de Picardie 1988 (3-4), 9-12. [James_Childeric]

‘La disparition du royaume de Soissons et ses conséquences archéologiques’,  Bulletin de Liaison de l’Association Française d’Archéologie Mérovingienne 10 (1986), 28-31.

‘Aquitains, Francs et Wisigoths en Aquitaine et Septimanie: les problèmes archéologiques’, Bulletin de Liaison de l’Association Française d’Archéologie Mérovingienne, 9 (1985),  23-25.

‘Bede and the Tonsure Question’, Peritia: the Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland3 (1984), 167-182. [James_Bede and tonsure]

‘Beati pacifici: Bishops and the Law in Sixth-Century Gaul’, in J.A. Bossy, ed., Disputes and Settlements: Law and Human Relations in the West (Cambridge University Press, 1983), 25-46. [James_Beati_Pacifici]

‘Ireland and Western Gaul in the Merovingian Period’, in D. Whitelock, R. McKitterick and D.M. Dumville, ed., Ireland in Early Mediaeval Europe (Cambridge University Press, 1982), 362-386.

‘Archéologie des Francs en Aquitaine’, Dossiers Histoire et Archéologie 56 (1981), 51-55.

‘Archaeology and the Merovingian monastery’, in H.B. Clarke and M. Brennan, ed., Columbanus and Merovingian Monasticism (British Archaeological Reports, Int. Series 113, Oxford, 1981), 33-55.

‘Merovingian cemetery studies, and some implications for Anglo-Saxon England’, in P. Rahtz, T.M. Dickinson and L. Watts, ed., Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries 1979 (British Archaeological Reports, Brit.Series 82, Oxford, 1980), 35-55.

‘Septimania and its frontier: an archaeological approach’, in E. James, ed., Visigothic Spain: New Approaches (Oxford, 1980), 223-42.

‘Cemeteries and the problem of Frankish settlement in Gaul’, in P.H. Sawyer, ed., Names, Words, and Graves: Early Medieval Settlement (School of History, Leeds, 1979), 55-89.



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